Re-release from 1997

The actual original CD cover from 1997. From left to right: Allan, Tina (madam P), Martin Strecker. Backing vocalist Carmen Connie wasn't an actual 'member' of the band - which is why she isn't on the cover photo. How ever, her vocals made the project heavenly. Photo by: King Kong 1997

Back in 1997 I wanted to update some old songs made famous by Danish actress Liva Weel (1897-1952). So I gathered a handful of friends - and set out on the project.

Allan took care of music/instrument/synth programming, Tina was the go-go dancer and backing noise. Carmen Connie delivered some amazing background vocals where as I was the producer and the lead vocalist.

Together the whole project was called: ‘At A Girl and recorded 7 tracks in a studio in Copenhagen Denmark.

Now 21 years later a remastered version of one of those tracks we recorded has been re-released: ‘Man binder os på mind og hånd’ - and I am truly excited.

Available from major digital retailers and stream services.

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