A bit of Rumi

Pop singer Martin Strecker is back on the shelves with a new 2-track release titled ‘A Bit Of Rumi‘ - to be released on all major digital platforms on the singers birthday July 21st - 2019.

“So this is a project that has been in the back of my head for years, a more electronic meditative project, that hopefully will take the listener to experience some new horizon,” says Martin Strecker about the new release.

The lyrics are slightly reworked Rumi (Mevlana) poems.

“Rumi was a very interesting man. He was this mystical and islamic scholar in the 13th-century, originally from Persia but settled down in the area of Konya in modern day Turkey, where he wrote, taught and studied the ‘mystics If Sufi’,” explains Strecker.

“There’re lots of theories about Rumi’s poetry because they are about human love - and about love to God. In his poetry I find this soothing honest beauty and I love chosen a couple of poems and worked them on to music. And though it’s pop music, it’s not the kind of pop I’ve made before, so it’s a completely new area for me to enter - but I am very excited.”

A Bit Of Rumi is available on all major digital outlets and streaming services from Sunday July 21st 2019.


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