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Introducing Martin Strecker, the Danish-born Istanbul-based multi-talented individual who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. With a diverse skill set that includes being a radio host, author, singer, composer, actor, and comedian, Martin has captivated audiences around the world with his unique talent and charismatic personality.


Martin's journey in the entertainment world began at the young age of 11 when he discovered his passion for acting. He honed his skills and graduated from theater school in 1999, setting the stage for his future success. In 2010, he shifted career by venturing into teaching with a degree in education.


Not limited to acting alone, Martin also showcased his musical abilities from a young age, composing his first music piece during his teenage years. His talent for music composition would later contribute to his international breakthrough as part of the singing satire duo BDB from 2002 to 2005, where his unique style and humor resonated with audiences far and wide.


In 2006, Martin embraced the world of radio hosting, captivating listeners with his engaging tone and adventurous spirit. Over the course of eight years, he became a beloved voice in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on the airwaves.


In 2014, Martin embarked on a new chapter in Istanbul, where he revived his singing and acting career. His exceptional talents landed him roles in notable films such as "Recep Ivedik 6" and "Renkli Rüyalar Oteli," solidifying his place in the entertainment industry.


With an adventurous tone and an unparalleled passion for his craft, Martin Strecker continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His award-winning performances and diverse skill set make him a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world. Whether through his acting, singing, writing, or comedy, Martin's talent knows no bounds, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting his next creative endeavor.

  • Renkli Rüyalar Oteli (2021)

  • Marmarabirlik (2020)

  • Recep Ivedik 6 (2019)

  • BDB The Full Load on DVD (2003)

  • Baby Boom (1999)

  • Sweet Memories (2023 remastered)| (Strexen Melodies) : WFP fundraiser  | (Strexen Melodies) November 2023

  • Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd ('22) | (Strexen Melodies)  December  2022

  • Spinning Me ('22) | (Strexen Melodies)  August  2022

  • Livets Melodi (remixed) | (Strexen Melodies)  August  2021

  • Livets Melodi (Dansktoppen) | (Strexen Melodies)
    July  2021

  • I'm Not Hiding 2021 feat. Anilicious | (Strexen Melodies) February  2021

  • I Feel High feat. Lola Lou (2020) | (Strexen Melodies) December  2020

  • I Feel High (around the campfire) | (Strexen Melodies) December  2020

  • Spinning Me (drum 'n bass) | (Strexen Melodies) August 2020

  • Where The Sun Meets The Sea | (Strexen Melodies/Strexen XYZ) October 2019

  • A Bit of Rumi | (Strexen Melodies/Strexen XYZ) July 2019

  • I'm Not Hiding remixed & live feat. Anilicious (3 studio mixes + 1 live recording) March 2019 
    this release is only available from selected online retailers 

  • I've Been Here B4 (funky Dunkey remix) January 2019

  • SELFIE | (Strexen Melodies) July 2018
    this release is only available from selected online retailers

  • Sweet Memories EP | (Strexen Melodies) February 2018

  • Sweet Memories (Synthpop edit) | (Strexen Melodies) December 2017

  • Disco Extravaganza | 2017 (Strexen Melodies) [releases August 4th]

  • A Life You Won't Be in Anymore |  2017 (BGL/Strexen Melodies)
    this release is only available from selected online retailers

  • Happy Birthday (Celebration) |  2017 (BGL/Strexen Melodies)
    this release is only available from selected online retailers

  • I Loved Enough To Hurt (Extravaganza) |  2017 (Strexen Melodies)
    this release is only available from selected online retailers

  • Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix) |  2016 (Strexen Melodies)

  • Hvis Du Kysser Min Hånd (2-track single)  |  2016 (GBOW Music/Strexen Melodies)


The Bear Princess 

  • Cuddles And Heartaches  |  2015 (GBOW Music)

this release is no longer available 

The BDB 

  • The Full Load on DVD  |  2003 (Linknet)

This release is no longer available.

  • The Full Load  |  2002 (Linknet)

This release is no longer available.


Strecker Domän 

  • Disco Diva - ep  |  1998 (RLM)

This release is no longer available.


'At A Girl 

  • Ak'kurat  |  1997 (RLM)

This release is no longer available.

  • Man Binder Os På Mund Og Hånd | 1997/2018  Re-released single September 2018. Strexen XYZ 


New Generation

  • New Generation  |  1996 (VDH)

This release is no longer available.

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