"Martin's voice is as rich as coffee, as smooth as silk."  

Tunedloud Mag.

Danish-born Martin Strecker was part of numerous theatrical and music projects up through the 1990s. 

He attended acting school while at the same time having a successful singing-gig at a theatre-café in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark that would bring him to his first-ever recording session in 1996 followed by a recording project in 1997 he dubbed 'Attagirl.

After touring Central Europe with The BDB in 2002-2003 & 2005 he became a devoted School teacher and award-winning radio host.

In 2014 Martin Strecker returned to the recording studio, this time in historical surroundings in Istanbul, Turkey, where he has been a vocalist on several projects and releases. in 2016 Martin Strecker released his first release in his own name.


- In 2019 Martin Strecker played the character of a Scientist in the Turkish blockbuster film Recep Ivedik 6
- In 2020 Martin Strecker is acting as a German grocer in a TV commercial for Marmarabirlik Olives

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